Childrens Resource Centre

  • 3 Milner Road Rondebosch
  • Cape Town, W Cape
  • 7700
  • +021 686 6898

Who are we?

The Children’s Resource Center was started in 1983 to help children to organize themselves into a Children’s Movement. Today the CRC have more than 50 Children’s Groups throughout South Africa with a membership of more than 5000 children between the age of 7–14 years. The aim is to build an organisation through which children can help build a better world for children. Through our programmes the organisation tries to get members actively involved in the work of the Children’s Movement. To make it possible for our members to do all these things, we run regular Education and Training Programmes. Children between the ages of 7-14 who wish to join our organisation can do so by becoming a member of the children’s group in the area where they stay.

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