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Who are we?

City Mission was founded in 1902 as a concerned response to poverty in Cape Town. The mission’s founder was Mr Frederick George Lowe, who was also instrumental in the founding of the fresh air camp movement. Mr Lowe was active in the rag-trade in early Cape Town and responded to the poverty he saw on the streets by simply sharing his lunch with the poor. When Mr Lowe began his feeding aid programmes in 1897 he responded as a businessman to the crisis. By 1902 his feeding programme was so extensive in the city and the then slum areas around the city that his organisation which he formally started in 1902 became known as the City Slum Mission. The Mission was active in feeding, nursing the sick and cleaning the homes of the poor with hygiene products obtained from the City Council to combat the spread of disease. After his death in 1924 Mr Lowe’s organisation became formally known as the Cape Town City Mission.

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