• The Retreat, Argyle Street, Camps Bay
  • Cape Town
  • 8005
  • +087 231 0121

Who are we?

Community Medics started out as Camps Bay Community Medics (CBCM), which was officially registered as a Trust in 2007, however has been operational since as early as 1998. The organisation was established by 2 local paramedics, who identified that the response of Emergency Medical Services was lacking in the Camps Bay area. Since the involvement of CBCM the average response time in Camps Bay has been reduced significantly, to achieve beyond accepted international standards – CBCM achieved an average response time of 8 minutes compared to the international standard of 10 minutes. High demand for its services led to accelerated growth and a second division of Community Medics was launched in 2013, concentrating mainly on the Cape Town City Bowl.

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