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Dainetics Foundation

  • 68 St Georges Mall
  • Cape Town, W Cape
  • +021 426 0904

Who are we?

Do you know someone who has never fully recovered from a serious loss in life? Or a traumatic experience? And in your own day to day life, do you sometimes experience self-doubts, negative thoughts, unreasonable fears, upsets or irrational behaviour? The painful experiences of our past clearly have an effect upon our present behaviour. But to what degree and why? What causes the mind to depart from rational thought or behaviour? That is the subject of Dianetics. Every moment of your life, your mind is recording everything that is happening to you. Every sight, every sound, every taste, smell, pain, emotion, touch – everything. These recordings form what is called the “time track”: a consecutive recording of all the experiences accumulated throughout your existence. Your mind uses this information to make decisions and solve problems relating to your survival. The better its decisions, the better you survive.

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