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Economic Policy Research Institute

  • 3rd Floor Sunclare Building 21 Dreyer Street
  • Claremont, W Cape
  • 7700
  • +021 671 3301

Who are we?

The Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI), was founded in 1994 and is a non-profit independent research institute based in Cape Town, South Africa. EPRI is committed to pro-poor, equitable and inclusive economic growth and social protection for vulnerable people as a developmental response to poverty. EPRI is involved in Research, Capacity Building and Policy Advisory work. Our vision To provide research, capacity building and policy advisory that influences policy to protect the vulnerable. Our mission Our mission is that through research, capacity-building work and technical assistance to country-led policy formation, we endeavor to build South-South cooperation and develop local knowledge. We are committed to building and sharing an evidence base on social protection that is drawn from economic analysis and global lessons of experience.

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