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Educational Support Services Trust

  • 9 Kommissaris Street, Welgemoed
  • Cape Town, W Cape
  • 7530
  • +021 913 7710

Who are we?

ESST is committed to promoting the rights and responsibilities of citizenship within the framework of participatory democracy. To this end, ESST mobilizes target communities to participate closely in project implementation, empowers them to take ownership of knowledge and skills, and motivates them to make the most of opportunities for positive change. Enshrined within ESST’s work is an appreciation of the value of human life, at both an individual and collective level. Our approach to celebrating this value is holistic – we understand that human dignity can only be restored within an environment which is supportive and sustaining, and therefore work tirelessly with communities as they strive for socio-economic independence. But we also understand that this process of socio-economic independence ought to be accompanied by a parallel process of moral renewal. We are therefore equally committed to fostering a culture of moral stewardship.

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